What days and hours is the library open?

Suna Kıraç Library, which has a seating capacity of 915 people in an area of 4 floors and 8,300 square meters, provides service to its users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the academic year. Working hours outside the academic term may differ. These changes are announced separately. A reading room is always open, regardless of the interior, during the days and hours when the library is closed. To use the branch libraries affiliated to the library (ANAMED-Beyoğlu, Health Sciences Library-Koç University Hospital-Topkapı, VEKAM-Ankara and AKMED-Antalya) and to get information about their working hours, you can also look at the branch libraries page on our website. (https://library.ku.edu.tr/en/)

What types of resources can I access through the library?

The library hosts more than 357,000 publications and resources in different genres and formats (Magazine, Journal, DVD, iPad, Calculator, etc.), including more than 265,000 printed books that you can use to meet your course, research and personal development needs. Apart from physical resources, the library also provides access to 124 electronic databases, 58,000 electronic journals and more than 201,000 electronic books on different subjects. It is possible to access electronic resources from outside the campus with the Network username and password. In addition to books and research resources, the library also has 18 group study rooms with a seating capacity of six. These rooms are reserved by groups of students for two hours and can be used for study and research together.

What should be done to take advantage of the library?

All our students are a natural member of the library. Your library accounts are activated and opened to use as soon as you complete the registration process. The library is also promoted during the adaptation days organized for new students. Apart from this, an integrated information literacy training with the research methods (ACWR 101) course you will take during the semester, and the LIB 101 Online Course that you can take within the scope of UNIV 101 will guide you to use the services and resources effectively. You can also visit the library and get information about your account and services whenever you want.

What are the borrowing rights from the library?

You can borrow many types of resources from the library. These are;

  • 25 books for 30 days,
  • 5 reserve materials for 2 hours (course and supplementary reading books, TOEFL and exam preparation books),
  • iPad for 3 days,
  • Group study key for 2 hours,
  • 2 DVDs for 3 days,
  • Locker to put your belongings for 1 day.

What are the penalties if the materials taken from the library are not returned on time?

  • Book: 1.25 TL / per day,
  • Reserve material: 2.50 TL / per hour,
  • Group study room key: 2.50 TL / per hour,
  • DVD: 2.50 TL / per day,
  • iPad: 25 TL / per day.

Additional charges are made for lost or damaged resources returned. Accordingly, in order to replace the lost material, the current market value of the resource and the material transaction fee (32.50 TL) are collected from the losing / damaged return.

How can I borrow books and extend the due date of the borrowed resource?

You can borrow books / resources using the self-check machines in the library or by visiting the Information Desk in person. You must have your Koç University ID card with you for borrowing. You can also use the “My Account” field on the Library website or Koç University Mobile Application for tracking the resources in your library account and for extension if needed.

How can you get help with library use and research?

Our reference librarians are always ready to assist you. You can also come to the library in person, fill in the “Ask-a-Librarian” form on the web page or submit your questions via the Chat service. You can also use the guides we call LibGuides, which are compiled for you in different subject areas, as a reference source for your research.

Information Desk: 0-212-338 13 17 – libinformation@ku.edu.tr

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, which rules will be effective when libraries re-open?

  • The seating capacity will be reduced to 350 people.
  • Students will be allowed into the building after swiping their ID card.
  • Students have to log into the online reservation system to book a seat for an available time slot in a designated space. Please note that the time slot is limited to 2 hours per reservation.
  • Students are required to visit the Reserve Desk located at the Library entrance to check-in with their reservation. Only students with confirmed reservations will be permitted to enter the Library.
  • Until further notice, book stacks will be inaccessible. Mediated Book Borrowing Service allows you to request print books from the Library. The requested books can be collected from a designated locker located near the basement entrance of the Library. You have to follow the instruction sent via email for book pick-ups.
  • Book returns will be self-service using the self-check machine located in the lobby.