Every student of the University is assigned to an academic advisor (who is a faculty member) starting from the freshman year. The academic advisor is primary person to consult about every academic issue.

The academic advisors of freshman students have a coordinator who monitors freshman students’ success in adjustment and attendance to the courses. The coordinator may warn the advisor of student if they see problems with this issues.

Academic issues include course enrollments, prerequisite courses, double major, course repeat, summer term, course transfer and etc. Academic advisors guide students about topics that they would like focus on and about graduate programs in their areas.

In every enrollment periods, advisors review their advisees’ course plan and approve if they find it appropriate for students area of study.

Students can view the information about their advisors on KUSIS.

Assignment and change of advisors are made by the respective Dean’s Office.

Double major students may request an advisor for their second major. They need to make this request to their Dean’s Office.