1. What is KURES and what services does it provide?

KURES – means Koç University Counseling Service. The aim of Counseling Service is to provide professional support to the students to get to know themselves better, to develop solutions for the problems they experience, to adapt to their environment at a balanced and healthy level, and to grow up as a responsible individual in the society. The services provided by KURES regarding this context are as follows;

1- Counseling Services
2- Preventive Works (Personal Development Seminars, Workshops, Group Studies, Videos and Brochures)
3- Sexual Harassment Prevention

 2. What is KURES (Counseling Service)?

KURES ( Koç University Counseling Service ) is the unit where students can apply for professional support when they feel psychologically distressed. Our unit serves free of charge. Situations that require psychological counseling generally include relationship difficulties, depression, anger management difficulties, problems related to self-esteem, exam anxiety, failure to study efficiently, family conflicts, fears and phobias, and substance use and addiction. The student follows a path towards developing solutions and effective coping methods by identifying the current problem and its causes together with the psychological counselor. When deemed necessary, referrals are made to psychiatrists or clinical psychologists at KUPTEM (Koç University Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy Center) for psychiatric assessment and psychotherapy. KUPTEM is located in the Health Center.

3. What is the content of the Preventive Work?

KURES supports the personal and academic development of students throughout the year by organizing development seminars, workshops, group activities, videos and brochures on various topics. The themes of these activities are determined over some common issues experienced. The purpose of Personal Development Seminars is to raise awareness of the components of the university on physical and mental health issues. Within the preventive work, Development seminars focus on topics such as effective communication, motivational skills, methods of coping with exam anxiety, relationships, breathing and stress management, mindfulness, anger control and adaptation to university life. While workshops and group sessions provide the opportunity to overcome difficulties with the interactions with other students who have difficulties in similar areas in a safe environment, videos and aims to inform individuals about some common situations and their solutions.

4. What is Sexual Harassment Prevention?

Prevention of sexual harassment in working, learning and living areas is one of the main principles of Koç University. KURES continues to present the online training that prepared in 2016 in order to prevent and raise awareness on sexual harassment. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Awareness Training consists of main concepts about sexual harassment, methods of preventing and combating sexual harassment and information regarding the complaint/reporting processes and ethical principles. In addition to Sexual Harassment Awareness Training, the counselors of KURES (Counseling Services) provide information on the subject and the process of a possible complaint. At the same time, KURES provide psychological support depending on the need for the students who have witnessed or were subjected to sexual harassment.

5. Does shared information during the psychological counseling sessions in KURES remain confidential?

The principle of confidentiality is strictly followed at Counseling Service. The information shared in these sessions is kept confidential and not be shared with anyone apart from the Koç University Counseling Services (KURES) However,if the student has a risk of harming himself / herself or someone else, this information is shared with the student’s family and the necessary parties for protection purposes. Meanwhile, the student is informed about the subject in advance.

6. How can I make an appointment / How can I cancel or postpone my appointment?

You can apply by following the steps in the “Application” section on our website or by sending an e-mail to kures@ku.edu.tr. If the appointment needs to be canceled / postponed, you are expected to inform your counselor 48 hours in advance. You can communicate about your appointment by sending an e-mail.

7. How can I contact with KURES team?

The contact information that can be reached to KURES between 08.30 – 17.30 hours are as follows:

  • Elif Isın-Akkol – Counseling Service Manager
  • Gülçin Yılmaz – Psychological Counselor / Clinical Psychologist
  • Büşra Ertekin – Psychological Counselor / Clinical Psychologist
  • Dafne Benbanaste Benlevi – Psychological Counselor / Clinical Psychologist