1- What is Sevgi Gönül Kültür Merkezi and what is the aim of it?

Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center (SGKM), is located within Koç University Rumeli Feneri Campus and has been actively serving since the academic year of 2008 – 2009, bringing together the culture-art life with participants from both inside and outside the campus, by coordinating and organizing concerts, plays, film screenings, recitals. SGKM also hosts exhibitions, dance performances and many other similar events.

SGKM is managed by Cultural Arts and Events Office, as sub-unit affiliated to the Dean’s Office. SGKM is positioned as a vibrant, dynamic cultural center that realizes up-to-date, creative productions and shows that are open to the participation of everyone in line with the student-oriented, innovative vision of Koç University.

SGKM contributes to the social life of the University, especially in Istanbul, by ensuring many professional arts and cultural organizations taking place in different venues as well as in online platforms of Koç University.

2- What kind of affiliation does SGKM have with school and students?

SGKM is a cultural center frequently used by student clubs and administrative & academic units. The Culture and Art Activities Coordination Office is responsible for organizing the calendar of the culture and arts organizations of the University at SGKM. Thus, it contributes to the creation of a planned study process with other units of the University.

The Cultural Arts & Events Office, which organizes close links and joint organizations with student clubs, ensures that the professional events to be held at SGKM are developed in terms of both quality and quantity. For example, Social Activities Club and Katılsak Konuşsak Günleri (We Participate, We Talk days), Theater Club and Sevgi Gönül Theater Days are some of these joint activities. In addition, the Cultural Arts and Events Coordinator acts as a consultant for the clubs that organize such organizations.

This close communication with students also helps professional artists and groups to reach clubs easily.

3- What kinds of activities take place in SGKM? / what are the types of events that take place?

Depending on the period and Covid 19 regulations, SGKM hosts physical and/or online events according to the taste of young people in Turkey, popular and alternative / contemporary art focused productions, concerts, theater plays, artistic shows, film screenings, recitals and dance performances.

TuesdayJazz! Concerts (SalıCaz!) , Thursday Classic Series, Another Cinema at Koç (Koç’ta Başka Sinema) are some of the event series organized by SGKM. Additionally, Cultural Arts and Events Office contributes to the festivals of clubs who are working on theatre and performing arts, strives to make these festivals professionally within the scope of the SGKM program.

4- How often do SGKM events take place?

Cultural Arts and Events Office organizes at least one professional event per week at SGKM throughout the academic year, except for visa and final weeks. In addition, it organizes activities on other days of the week in cooperation with student clubs.

5- To whom are SGKM events open?

SGKM events are open to university members and guests, primarily Koç University students, academic and administrative staff. In certain events, external guests can participate using the online ticket / invitation system.

6- How is the pricing of SGKM events? How to get tickets for events?

Most of the event organizations (music, dance, seminar, film screening, etc.) are free of charge and open to everyone, except for most of the theater plays within the scope of the SGKM program.

Theater plays are mostly ticketed and ticket sales are made through online. The prices of the tickets varies between 16 TL and 28.5 TL. Announcements regarding the content and ticket prices of the aforementioned events are made through the SGKM website, posters, mailing, social media and other in or out-of-school communication channels at least four days before the event day.

7- Where can I follow SGKM’s programs? What is your contact address?

You can visit the SGKM website at http://sgkm.ku.edu.tr/ and follow up-to-date news and events on Instagram (See below).

You can also send an e-mail to sgkm@ku.edu.tr for any questions or information.


To follow SGKM on social media:

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