Newcomer Advising Office UNIV 101 Program
UNIV. 101 – Introduction to Koç University is a 1 credit year-long mandatory orientation course offered to incoming students. UNIV.101 aims to help incoming students to successfully transition from high school to Koç University and undergraduate academic and social life.


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Information Technologies
Necessary info required for newcomers about the infrastructure and support for academic, administrative and research studies throughout the University.


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New Student Orientation
Orientation Program is organized for new coming students for 3 days. The program’s purpose is to blend the Freshmans to their academic and social lives in Koç University.


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Newcomers Course Enrollment Guide
Video tutorials for newcomers on how to enroll in courses.


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International Community Office
International Community Office (ICO) services information on a variety of topics pertaining to fulltime and part-time administrative and academic staff and their families; fulltime and part-time graduate and undergraduate students, incoming exchange students, researchers and fellows at KU Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (RCAC) and international guests besides developing and running activities that cater to diversity, cross-cultural tolerance and internationalization throughout Koç University campus.


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Online Registration
By using our Online Registration Process, you can register for the program you have enrolled in. After completing your online registration process, you do not have to come to our university campus or take any actions.


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