Student Clubs
Student communities are an indispensable part of Koç University’s social life with the color and diversity they contribute to the campus. In this context; Activities and Volunteer Projects Office organizes short and long term projects and activities in social and voluntary fields together with Koç University student communities. All stages of the projects such as formation, planning, process follow-up and budgeting are realized with the Office. Through its voluntary projects, the Office maintains close relations with external stakeholders of the University, as well as the non-governmental organizations, and is also responsible for the planning and management of the University Orientation Days program for new entrants.


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Sevgi Gönül Cultural Centre (SGKM)
Since 2001, Koc University’s Sevgi Gonul Cultural Centre (SGKM), located on the Rumelifeneri Campus, has hosted numerous concerts, plays, movie night events, recitals, exhibitions and dance performances. Part of SGKM’s mission relies on student input and feedback to constantly bring new and innovative performances, festivals, and seminars that are relevant to our campus community. SGKM provides outreach to a diverse array of events including Sevgi Gonul Theatre Festival and Dance Festival. Luminaries of the arts bring influential ideas and opportunities to all Istanbul’s grand stages which SGKM is associated with.


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Work-Study Program
This program enables students to earn money by working part-time under different institutions of Koç University. The main purpose of the program is to give students the opportunity of financial aid by teaching them to take responsibility, enhancing their self-confidence, enabling them to recognize university life better.


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Dining Facilities & Services
Koç University offers its students and staff healthy, hygienic and high-quality dining options in a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Cafes and dining halls at Koç University campus offer a variety of food selection for different tastes as well as numerous vending machines at the dormitories and faculty halls serving hot and cold beverages and snacks 24/7.


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The Office of Disability Services
The Office of Disability Services supports the students with a disability both  to benefit from campus and dorms and to improve themselves personally  and academically  as much equally as other students.  The Office of Disability Services also helps these students accommodate themselves to campus life and closely monitor their self and academic improvement. It gets the necessary  arrangements of construction in the campus made  to help them become accessible to students with disabilities. This office gets electronic written and audio sources produced to ease these students to get the information necessary for their personal an academic improvement.


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Health Centre, nearby Hospitals and Pharmacies
The campus Health Center has 5 physicians, 1 nurse and 8 medical assistants operating 24/7. The doctors speak English and welcome all international students. Students can obtain medical health advice and medicine here through an appointment system (excluding emergencies). You can reach them as follows:
• For Fener (Main) Campus, by dialing university extension “1273” or “0212-338 1100” from mobile phones and external land-lines.
• For West Campus, by dialing university extension “7000” or “0212-338 7000” from mobile phones and external land-lines.
• There is also an ambulance for transferring patients to other hospitals, when needed. For details visit their website

The nearest hospital is Acıbadem Maslak Hospital, which is located in Darüşşafaka (Address: Darüşşafaka Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd No No:40, 34457 Sarıyer).

You can also use the Koç University Hospital, which is located in Topkapı (Address: Davutpaşa Caddesi No:4 34010 Topkapı, İstanbul)

There are pharmacies located near campus and they typically operate between 09:00-19:00 on weekdays and until 13:00 on Saturdays. To find a pharmacy outside of the regular working hours you need to find the pharmacy on duty in your area.

Counseling Service (KURES)
Starting university education symbolizes a critical milestone in the process of transition from adolescence to adulthood. During these years, students take new responsibilities, make decisions that will impact their future lives, individualize and rearrange their close relationships accordingly. This transformation which also includes a developmental progress is accompanied by both positive and negative psychological experiences. Most people need the company of a professional throughout this process to be able to verbalize and understand their experiences. KURES accompanies students in their process of coming to know and realizing themselves, and supporting their personal development. It aims at helping students acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them cope with the academic, social and personal problems they face throughout this process.


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Housing Services
Koç University offers campus dormitory rooms to all international undergraduate students. You can see
details of the room types available and dormitory facilities as well as the Dormitory Guidelines and
Regulations document on
Transportation Services
Koç University is located on Sarıyer-Rumelifeneri Road, it’s 10 minutes drive from Sarıyer. The closest metro station is Haciosman on the M2 (green) line that passes through Taksim. Access to the main campus is provided by municipal buses, minibuses and student shuttles.


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Directorate of Security ensures the security of students, employees and campus, takes preventive measures against lifestyle disruption on campus, organizes the traffic and parking on the campus, prevents vandalism, robbery and sabotage, delivers the lost properties to the owner of the property and carries out entrance and exit check.


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Sports Facilities
On the main campus, there is a multi-purpose gym with a seating capacity of 2,000, an open tennis court, a soccer field with artificial turf, and an ice rink. The gym is 42 by 32 meters and has a 156 m running track that has a panoramic view of the court, squash and racquetball courts, aerobics and dance rooms, a fitness room, a cardio room, and a table tennis section.

In addition to these, in the court in the gym can be used for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

On the west campus, there is a semi Olympic indoor swimming pool, a cardio-fitness center, a dance studio, and a table tennis section.


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Classroom Search
Koç University hosts many technology-enhanced classrooms and labs on the Rumeli Feneri campus. You can now search for these learning spaces by the building, capacity, or the innovative technology that matches your needs.


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