1. What Services Does Health Center Provide?

‘The Main Campus Health Center’ and the ‘West Dormitory Health Center” are the two centers where health services are provided.

Our health centers have a 24-hour resident doctor and a medical team. Throughout the year we try to respond to all the health problems of our students. Both health centers offer ambulance services. All students can benefit from those aforementioned services.

2. How can I benefit from these services?

Polyclinic services are provided within the working hours. In order to prevent time loss and potential confusions it is expected from the students who wish to benefit from this service to make an appointment via phone number 1273.

When the symptoms start, you can make an appointment by calling the phone number 1273 and have an examination. If required, the treatment starts at the health center.
In emergencies, especially in cases requiring the use of an ambulance, an emergency call can be made by calling the phone number 1100. However, our students should refrain from making unnecessary calls. Since there is only one ambulance on the campus, unnecessary calls may cause the occupation of the ambulance and accordingly lead to unexpected delays in case of a genuine emergency. We kindly and strongly remind that it is important for our students to be sensitive about this issue.

3. What is the function of the ‘Health Center Ambulance Call Center’?

The phone number to the ‘Ambulance Call Center’ is 1100. In emergency situations, following the call to ‘Call Center’ a full-fledged ambulance and an accompanying medical team arrives at the scene making the necessary intervention and providing patient referral to a full-fledged hospital when necessary

4. How are medicines provided in the Health Center for post-examination treatment?

The written prescriptions from the ‘contracted pharmacy’ are to be submitted to the Health Center at 16:00 on the same day. Those with ‘contracted private health insurance’ may benefit from these services. The supply of medicines with SSI (SGK) is not valid for prescriptions written by our health center.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ‘Pharmacy medicines’ are not provided on weekends.

5. What are the centers where health reports can be obtained according to the ‘report regulation’ included in the ‘Health Directive’?

Health reports brought from educational and research hospitals, university hospitals, and ‘class A private hospitals’ are evaluated by the health center responsible physician. (Including the health reports of Hamidiye hospital, Sarıyer State Hospital, Acibadem Maslak, Sariyer Medical Center) State hospitals and Acıbadem Hospital within the borders of Sarıyer district are evaluated by the health center responsible physician.

6. When should the ‘health reports received from outside the Health Center’ be submitted?

The health report must be submitted to the secretariat of our health center within 5 working days starting from the end of the rest date specified in the report. If the report is deemed appropriate, all academic staff is notified via an email by our health center.

7. What can be done if the regular doctor of the student works outside of the centers? In such a case, how can the health report specified in the ‘report regulation’ be obtained?

If the students are examined especially by their family doctor or by a doctor who has been following them a long time for a long time and the treatment is arranged, they are required to call the health center (phone number: 1273) on the same day and get a pre-protocol. The health report will be evaluated by the health center doctor.