Units Affiliated with the Security, Fire and Emergency Management;

Security Unit:

  • Provides uninterrupted security service on a 24/7 basis utilizing technological means to ensure the safety of life and property on the Koç University campus so that educational activities can continue without interruption.

Firefighting Unit:

  • Is responsible for the inspection and provision of active and passive fire prevention measures and arrangements utilizing equipment and technological facilities at its disposal, for assisting in saving lives and removal of debris, conducting radioactive decontamination (through washing), and containing and extinguishing fires that may occur inside its area of responsibility.

Emergency Coordinator:

  • Carries out training, supervision, exercises, and coordination activities to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.

Issues that shall be considered for ensuring uninterrupted campus operation have been listed below:

Entering and exiting the campus, and student ID cards:

  • Students entering the campus with their vehicle on weekdays and any individuals accompanying them shall be subject to ID card and HGS tags checks at the main entrance checkpoints. Vehicles without HGS tags or students who are banned from campus shall not be admitted.
  • Guests shall be admitted once their identification information is recorded.
  • ID cards are issued to specific individuals and cannot be shared with others. Proceedings shall be initiated in accordance with YÖK disciplinary regulations against students if it is established that they shared their ID cards with others.
  • In cases where a student provides false information about their identity, proceedings shall be initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation.
  • Due to pandemic-related precautions, “Self-Checker” app checks shall be conducted for students entering campus.

Entering dormitory buildings:

  • Dormitory buildings can be accessed by using card-operated turnstiles.


  • Visitors and guests can enter and exit the campus between 07:00 and 23:00.
  • The host must communicate visitor information to the main entrance gate.
  • Visitors should not be invited to the campus outside of designated times.
  • Visitors cannot enter the campus with their vehicles—This excludes families.
  • Due to pandemic-related precautions, visitors shall be required to provide their HES codes, and their body temperature shall be measured.

Food deliveries to the campus:

  • Students can get food or water deliveries to the Main Campus and West Campus from outside companies on a 24/7 basis.
  • Students must call the main entrance and communicate information on the food or water company that is to enter the campus.
  • Employees of companies delivering food or water are prohibited from entering dormitory buildings.
  • Students shall collect their food or water deliveries from the dormitory building entrances.
  • Food or water companies shall be prohibited from entering the campus for a period of 1 month if it is established that their employees have entered the dormitory buildings.

Traffic rules:

  • The speed limit inside the campus is 40 km/h. 
  • Overtaking is prohibited inside the campus.
  • Do not park in areas designated as no parking.
  • Traffic violations inside the campus are monitored through cameras.
  • Penalty points shall be given to students who violate campus traffic rules. Each student has a 100 penalty point limit. Those exceeding this limit shall have their HGS entrance authorization revoked, and they shall not be allowed to enter the campus with a vehicle for 1 month.
  • The penalties of students exceeding 100 points shall not be deleted from the record. After the end of the 1-month period, the student may request the reactivation of their HGS tags by paying 3 times the HGS authorization fee for the period in question. Then their previous penalties shall be deleted from the record and their HGS tags shall be re-activated. If the student exceeds 100 penalty points again, they will be banned from entering the campus with a vehicle for a period of 1 year.
  • Students have a 7-day window in which they can object to the traffic penalty points that were given. Objections made after this shall not be considered.


Traffic Violations and Penalties
1 Driving under the influence of alcohol 50
2 Parking in spots reserved for the disabled 50
3 Not following the directions and warnings of security staff 35
4 Exceeding the speed limit 35
5 Overtaking vehicles in places where this is prohibited 35
6 Violating the one-way rule 25
7 Causing traffic accidents 25
8 Using mobile phones or other communication devices while driving 25
9 Incorrect parking or parking in spots and situations where it is prohibited 20
10 Not slowing down at pedestrian and school crossings, not giving the first pass right to those who want to pass at crossings 15
11 Tailgating 10
12 Not turning on the lights when required by the weather 10

HGS tags:

  • At the beginning of each semester, the Security, Fire and Emergency Management shall announce details on the sales of HGS tags.
  • Students housed in the Rumelifeneri Campus dormitories shall not be issued HGS tags and their existing HGS tags shall not be authorized.
  • The West Campus HGS tags are issued separately. The West Campus HGS tags do not allow entry to the Rumelifeneri Campus.
  • HGS tags shall be issued in exchange of a fee in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.
  • The HGS tags are issued to the individual and cannot be provided to the use of others. If a violation is detected, the HGS access shall be canceled, and the student shall be referred to the disciplinary board.
  • The HGS tags are available only for Koç University students. Guests cannot get HGS tags.
  • The HGS tags must be affixed to the specified area on the windshield of the vehicle and must not be removed.
  • The vehicle with an HGS tag shall not be given a second HGS tag.
  • Students who do not have an HGS tag can enter the checkpoint with their vehicles by leaving an ID card or identification document at the Rumelifeneri Campus between 18:00 and 08:30 on weekdays, on weekends, on official and religious holidays.
  • Students who are allowed to enter the campus between 08:30 and 18:00 are subject to the campus traffic rules and the relevant traffic penalty points shall apply.
  • Students who accumulate 100 penalty points cannot enter campus between 18:00 and 08:30.
  • Students who have failed to leave the campus 3 times between the hours of 18:00 and 08:30 cannot enter the campus with their vehicles until the beginning of the next semester.

Smoking indoors: 

  • According to Law No. 4207 on the “Prevention and Control of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products,” smoking is prohibited indoors throughout the campus. In case of a violation, fines will be issued, and sanctions will be imposed as per the provisions of Law No. 4207.

Lost and Found: 

  • In order to prevent theft, do not leave your valuables such as bags, wallets, cell phones, laptops, etc. unattended.
  • If your belongings are lost, inform the nearest security guard.
  • If an item is found, deliver it to the Lost and Found Office of the Security Unit.
  • Items shall be accepted by the Lost and Found Office through a written report and shall be released only to their owner through a written report.
  • If there is a camera that monitors the area where an object was lost, the owner must apply in writing to the Security, Fire and Emergency Management for reviewing camera records.

Use and possession of Alcohol and Controlled Substances: 

  • Use and possession of alcohol is prohibited on campus. If a violation is detected, proceedings shall be initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation.
  • If alcohol is found on your person or in your vehicle during the main entrance check, the Office of the President shall issue a verbal warning and you shall not be permitted to enter the campus with alcohol.
  • It is forbidden to bring, keep and use drugs inside the campus. If a violation is detected, law enforcement (gendarmerie and police) shall be informed, and legal action shall be initiated as well as disciplinary action in accordance with YÖK disciplinary regulations.

If a suspicious person is noticed: 

  • Persons who appear to be out of place in the campus as indicated by their clothing and who exhibit suspicious behavior shall be considered suspect. If you see individuals who fit this description please inform the security personnel in person or by phone.

Off-Campus Emergencies: 

  • In case of an emergency such as theft, extortion, assault, sexual harassment, etc. that occurs outside of campus, contact the nearest police station or gendarmerie to report the incident and initiate legal proceedings immediately.
  • In addition, please inform Security, Fire and Emergency Management. 
  • The number for Police, Gendarmerie, and Ambulance is 112.


Contact Numbers For Security, Fire and Emergency: 

  • Security, Fire and Emergency Director: 3637–1015 
  • Security Chief: 3639 
  • Fener Campus Main Entrance Security: 3535–3636 
  • Security Lost and Found Office: 3638 
  • West Campus Security: 7007–7008
  • Fire Station: 3333 
  • Emergency: 1122