1. What does the ALIS Program entail?

Academic and Life Skills (ALIS) is a student–focused program, which aims to support Koç University students so that they can be more successful and efficient during their university education, and to empower them in basic skills, which they may need both in their professional and personal lives. The program aims to support personal development of Koç University students, with the aim of making the principle of lifelong learning a reality. The program offers four courses, namely ALIS 100 – Academic and Life Skills, ALIS 200 – Applied Life Skills, ALIS 350 – Transition to Professional Life and ALIS 360 – New Generation Leadership and Transformation. In all these courses which are planned around experiential exercises, our aim is to help students become more self-aware and actualize their own potentials to the maximum extent during their university education and beyond, while maintaining effective interaction with the outside world. Thus we create opportunities for them to develop the skills that they may need to reveal their potential in all domains of life. For more information, please visit https://alis.ku.edu.tr/en/ .

2. What does ALIS 100 entail?

ALIS 100 is a journey of self–discovery and self-awareness. The course aims to support students in their process of self–knowledge and assigning meaning to the outside world, and to empower them with the skills they may need to establish a compromise between themselves and their surroundings. These skills are goal–setting, time management, effective communication, conflict and stress management, mindfulness, psychological resilience, multicultural sensitivity, global citizenship and team membership skills. Experiential learning is the primary mode of instruction in ALIS 100, where sessions are enriched through group discussions, presentations, and inventories. This is a 1-credit, pass/fail course.

3. How does the ALIS100 course help students?

Leaving behind an intense period of university preparation, students taking ALIS100 have the opportunity to ask questions about themselves, the outside world and their lives, and they are on the road to effectively manage their lives as individuals who have a better idea of who they are. The course supports students to develop the skills necessary in becoming more aware of themselves in their academic, social and future professional lives.

4. When do students need to take ALIS 100?

Students are required to take ALIS 100 within their first year of studies at KU. Students should check e-mails from alis@ku.edu.tr to be informed of the enrollment process for ALIS 100.

5. What is the course language for ALIS 100?

ALIS 100 is offered in Turkish to students whose native language is Turkish, and in English to student whose native language is not Turkish.

6. Why should students pass ALIS 100 during their first year of studies?

Students who get an unsatisfactory grade from ALIS 100 may not apply for double major, minor and track programs.

7. How can I make the most of ALIS 100?

A curious mind, intention to self-reflect and growth mindset are the best tools to make the most of ALIS 100. Students who benefit the most attend the sessions regularly, participate in classroom exercises and contribute to group discussions.