1. What is KU NetID? Where can I use it?

KU NetID is your username that is necessary for you to benefit from Information Technology opportunities throughout your university life.

Your KU NetID and password information will be sent to you via SMS by Koç University.

You can use your KU NetID for e-mail, wireless network, and Internet, printers, Google applications, library resources, computers in common areas, fault reporting services as well as KUSIS student information system.

For security reasons, you need to change your password sent to you via SMS after the first login. You can change your password at https://home.ku.edu.tr/password/. When determining your new password, make sure that it is at least 8 and at most 25 characters, it contains at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, at least one special character, and does not contain Turkish characters like ş, ı, ö, ç, ğ, ü.

If you forget your password, you can come to the IT Service Desk with your Koç University ID card and get a new password.

If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it yourself without coming to the IT Service Desk, please click to this link https://aka.ms/ssprsetup and register now. Then, if needed, you can reset your password yourself at the link https://passwordreset.microsoftonline.com/?mkt=en.

2. Who is Koç University Information Technologies (IT)? How can I reach them?

Koç University Information Technologies is the department that provides and supports the necessary information technology infrastructure in academic, administrative, and research studies throughout the University.

You can visit this link https://it.ku.edu.tr/ for the IT web page.

In case of any problem or need for support, you can reach the IT Service Desk from 07:30 to 22:30 on weekdays and 08:00 to 17:00 at weekends.

  • By dialing 1111 from any internal phone in the school or calling 0 (212) 338 1111 over international lines,
  • By requesting from https://new-trackit.ku.edu.tr/login.jsp
  • By sending an e-mail to it@ku.edu.tr address with the request or subject.

You can also get services from the IT Service Desk for your devices such as your personal computer, tablet, and phone, for a fee.

3. How can I access the Internet on campus?

There are two wireless network connections, KU and GUEST, throughout the campus.

4. What is the Student Information System (KUSIS)?

KUSIS is the student information system of Koç University. Throughout your university life, you will be doing many processes such as course selection, viewing your grades and course schedule, dormitory application, and petition creation through this system. With your KU NetID and password, you can log in to the KUSIS system via the link https://kusis.ku.edu.tr.

You can visit the page https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/en/how-to-videos/ for KUSIS manuals.

5. How can I print via the printers?

In Rumelifeneri and West Campuses, after you send your printouts to the KUPRINT (WESTPRINT for West Campus) pool, you can print via the printers by using your Koç University card. You can check your printer credit https://papercut.ku.edu.tr:9192/user link. To top up the printer credit, you need to send the transaction receipt of the payment you made to Yapı Kredi bank to the IT service desk.

Please follow the link for information about printer installation for your computer: https://confluence.ku.edu.tr/kuhelp/ithelp/it-services/computing-printing-and-software/printing-and-copying https://help.ku.edu.tr/ithelp/findme-printing-card-registration

6. What other IT services are frequently used?

Google Applications at Koç University: Koç University benefits from many applications of Google such as e-mail account, calendar, document sharing. In order to use these services, you need to log in with your KU NetID and password.

E-mail: E-mail addresses are determined as [KU NetID]@ku.edu.tr. To access your e-mail account, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the link https://it.ku.edu.tr/.
  2. Click on the E-mail Gmail link.
  3. Login with KU NetID and password.

Computers in Common Areas: Our common area computers are located in the Library, the Student Center on the -1st floor, and in the Dormitory Building Recreation Rooms. Our computers on the -1st floor of the Library and Student Center are the boxes that connect to the virtual environment. These boxes are mounted behind the screens. There are USB, headphone, and microphone inputs on them.

Our computers in common areas do not save data locally. Every time the computer or session is closed, all data saved while you are logged in are deleted. For this reason, it is important to save your work in your “home” directories or external memory.

Microsoft Office 365: Within the Microsoft Turkey and Koç University cooperation of all our students can benefit from Office 365 platform for free. You can find detailed information from the link https://help.ku.edu.tr/ithelp/office-365

Koç University Mobile Application: Koç University Mobile is designed to increase the campus experience of the university students and staff with personalized content and up-to-date information. You can find detailed information from the link: https://help.ku.edu.tr/ithelp/koc-universitesi-mobil

7. What should I keep in mind?

Protect Your Personal Information: Keep your laptops or mobile devices in a safe place. Back up your data and ensure its security. So if your computer is stolen or lost, you won’t lose your data.

Protect Your Password: Every year, many of our students are exposed to phishing attacks by hackers. We recommend that you update your password regularly (every 6 months). You should not share your password with any unit or person, including IT staff. It is your obligation to keep your KU NetID password confidential. IT does not collect password information in any way including via e-mail or SMS. If you encounter such e-mails, do not take it into consideration.

Comply with the Acceptable Use Policy: Using Koç University computer systems and information technology services means that you agree to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.