1. What kind of scholarships can you obtain information about and apply for through the Scholarships Office?

Scholarships Office manages Need-Based Scholarship, Kudeb (Koç University Support Scholarship), and Work-Study program and its payments for undergraduate students.

2. What is the Work-Study program? What are the part-time work options in the university?

The Work-Study program offers up to 20 hours a month part-time work in the university during students’ free time. Students can work in different departments and earn 10 TL per hour. Students can work part-time as an assistant for an instructor or as support staff in the Library, Registration Office, Dean of Students, Financial Affairs Office, Dormitory Office, KOLT (Koç University Office of Learning and Teaching), and other administrative departments. All the details about the Work-Study program are sent with an email at the beginning of each semester. You can also get information about the program from your mentors. (Applications are valid for only undergraduate Turkish students.)

3. Who qualifies for a need-based scholarship?

Koç University undergraduate students who have completed the freshman year can apply for need-based scholarships only if their families face serious financial difficulties in the 6 months prior to the application and they provide evidence of the hardship. All applications are evaluated by the Need-Based Scholarship Committee. Successful applicants may be granted a scholarship for one semester.

4. How can I obtain more information about scholarships?

You may visit https://dos.ku.edu.tr/en/scholarships-office/ or you may send an email to dguven@ku.edu.tr and ozgeerdogan@ku.edu.tr.