Affiliated to Security, Fire and Emergency Management;

Security Unit;

  • Provides uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking advantage of technological amenities in order to carry out education and training activities without interruption and to ensure the safety of life and property in the campus.

Firefighting Unit;

  • Takes fire preventive measures with the tools and facilities it has. In case of a possible fire; the Firefighting unit is responsible for the rescue and evacuation activities, for the prevention of the expansion of the fire and for the extinguishment of the fire.

Emergency Coordinator;

  • Carries out training, supervision, exercise and coordination activities in order to be prepared for emergencies and disasters
  • The issues that are to be considered for the continuity of the campus operations without interruption are given below.

a) Entry, exit and student ID to the campus:

  • Students entering the campus by vehicle during the week are subject to ID and HGS tag checks at the main entrance checkpoints. In addition, the person / persons in the vehicle are subjected to ID card control for security purposes. Vehicles without HGS labels or students with a ban on campus are not admitted to the campus.
  • ID cards are personal and they cannot be shared with others. Accordingly, proceedings are to be initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation against those who are found to share their ID cards with others.
  • In cases where the student gives false information about his / her identity information, proceedings are to be initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation.

b) Visitors: 

  • Entry and exit time for visitors and guests is between 07:00 and 23:00 (however see below)
  • Visitor’s information to the main entrance gates must be submitted by the host student.
  • Do not invite visitors to the campus outside of the visitor reception time.
  • Visitors cannot enter the campus with their vehicles (Excluding families).
  • Due to pandemic measures, visitors will not be allowed to enter the campus until a new decision is made.

c) Off-campus food and water companies:

  • Our students can order food/water 24/7 from outside food / water companies to the Main Campus and West Campus (however see below).
  • Call the main entrance doors by phone and convey the information of the food / water company that will come.
  • Employees of companies bringing food/water are prohibited from entering dormitory buildings.
  • Our students must take their food / water orders from the dormitory building entrances.
  • Food / water companies that are detected to enter the dormitory buildings are not allowed to enter the campus for a period of 1 month.
  • Due to pandemic measures, companies that bring food orders from outside will not be allowed to enter the campus until a new decision is made.

d) Traffic rules:

  • The speed limit within the campus is 40 km. Please do not exceed this speed limit (It is detected by cameras)
  • Overtaking is prohibited inside the campus. (It is detected by cameras.)
    Do not improperly park outside of the reserved parking areas.
  • Penalty points are given to students if the traffic rules determined on the campus are not followed. Each student has a 100 penalty point limit; The HGS entrance authorization of the students exceeding the limit of 100 penalty points is canceled and they are not authorized to enter the campus for a period of 1 month.
  • After the end of the 1 month period the student may request the reactivation of his/her HGS label by paying 3 times the HGS authorization fee for the given period (If the student exceeds 100 penalty points again, he/she cannot enter the campus by vehicle for a period of 1 year).


Traffic Crimes and Fines
1 Driving under the influence of alcohol 50
2 Parking in the handicapped spot 50
3 Not following the directions and warnings of security staff 35
4 Exceeding the speed limit 35
5 Overtaking vehicles in places where overtaking is prohibited 35
6 Not following the one-way rule 25
7 Causing traffic accidents 25
8 Using devices such as mobile phones and other communication devices while driving 20
9 Incorrect parking /parking in places and situations where parking is prohibited 20
10 Not slowing down at pedestrian and school crossings, not giving the first pass right to those who want to pass through crossings 15
11 Following the vehicle without leaving a safe distance between 10
12 Not turning on the lights when required by the weather 10

e) HGS Label:

  • An announcement is made at the beginning of each term by the Security, Fire and Emergency Department about HGS label sales.
  • Students staying in RFK dormitories are not authorized for the HGS label and the existing HGS label.
  • HGS label application is made for a fee in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
  • The HGS label is personal and it is forbidden to give it to other people. When such a situation is detected, the HGS authority is canceled and the student is referred to the disciplinary board
  • Only Koç University students can request an HGS label. Visitors cannot get HGS tags.
  • The HGS label must be affixed to the area to be specified on the windshield of the vehicle, and must not be removed.
  • The vehicle with the HGS label will not be given a second HGS label.
  • Students who do not have an HGS label can enter the control point with their vehicles by leaving an ID card / ID on the RF Campus between 18:00 and 08:30 on weekdays, on weekends, on official and religious holidays.
  • Students who are allowed to enter the campus between 08:30 and 18:00 hours are subject to the campus traffic rules and traffic penalty points are applied.
  • Students who complete 100 penalty points cannot benefit from 18:00 and 08:30 hours.
  • Students who are determined to not leave 3 times between 18:00 and 08:30 hours cannot enter the campus with their vehicles until the beginning of the next semester.

f) Smoking in closed areas:

  • According to the Law No. 4207 on the “Prevention and Control of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products”, smoking is prohibited in closed areas throughout the campus. When this situation is detected, proceedings will be initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation (When smoking is detected in the dormitories, a condemnation penalty is given).
  • When smoking is detected in closed areas inside the campus, a verbal warning from the Rectorate and administrative fines and sanctions foreseen in the law numbered 4207 are to be applied.

g) Lost and Found: 

  • Bag, Wallet, Cell phone, Laptop etc. Do not leave your valuables with you in order not to cause theft.
  • If your belongings are lost, inform the nearest security guard.
    When any item is found, deliver it to the ‘Lost and found property office’ within the security unit.
  • Items delivered to the ’Lost and found property office’ are delivered only to the owner.
  • If there is a camera that sees the area where the object was lost, the owner of the property should apply in writing to the Security, Fire and Emergency Management Directorate to monitor the camera records.

h) Use and possession of Alcohol and Prohibited Substances:

  • Use and possession of alcohol is prohibited on campus. When this situation is detected, proceedings are initiated in accordance with the YÖK disciplinary regulation.
  • When alcohol is detected on you or in your vehicle at the main entrance door, the Rectorate verbal warning is given and it is not allowed to enter the campus with alcohol.
  • It is forbidden to bring, keep and use drugs inside the campus. When detected, law enforcement officers (gendarmerie-police) are informed and action is initiated in accordance with the relevant legal processes and the YÖK disciplinary regulation.
  • If alcohol is detected and used in the dormitories, a penalty is given according to the dormitory directive.

i) Actions to be taken in case of detection of a suspect: 

  • Persons who create the impression of being unfamiliar with the campus with their clothes or attitudes and exhibit distinctive and suspicious behaviors are defined as suspects. Inform the security personnel by person or by phone about the people who fit in with these characteristics or that you consider as suspicious.

j) Off-Campus Emergencies; 

  • In case of an off-campus emergency ( such as theft, extortion, assault, sexual harrasment etc.) contact the nearest Police Station or Gendarmerie to report the incident and initate the legal proceedings without losing any time.
  • In addition to the security unit please also inform the Fire and Emergency Department.
    • Police: 155
    • Gendarmerie : 156
    • Ambulance: 112


  • Security, Fire and Emergency Manager: 3637 – 1015 
  • Security Chief: 3639 
  • Fener Campus Main Entrance Security: 3535 – 3636 
  • Security and Lost Property Office: 3638 
  • West Campus Security: 7007 – 7008 
  • Fire Station: 3333
  • Emergency: 1122